Buying milk

Vending Machine

  • Located at 862 Aylesbury Road, Christchurch
    20 min drive from The Hub in Hornby
    10 min drive from Rolleston.
  • 1lt glass bottles available for purchase at farm and vending machine.
    Cash only.
  • 4 bottle cooler bags available, contact the duty person.
    Cash only.
  • Make sure your bottles are clean before re-filling them.
    See here for cleaning instructions


6am-8pm / 7 days per week / 365 days per year

Using vending machine


Purchase your bottle, from the vending machine.
Cash only.


Insert money into the Milk Vending machine.
Cash only.


Place bottle in the milk compartment, leaving the door open.


Once the bottle is in the compartment lift it up to meet the white plastic opening. While holding the bottle up press 1Lt button.


The milk will flow & stop automatically. Put the bottle down on the tray, making sure milk flows cleanly into the bottle.

Home Delivery

We are all about making things easier for you.  We currently deliver our farm fresh raw milk to many home addresses in the Christchurch and Selwyn area.  Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Our farm fresh raw milk costs $4.00/litre delivered and there is a small set up fee which includes a cooler bag and your reusable 1 litre glass bottles.  At present we deliver to certain areas in Christchurch and Selwyn on a set day of the week depending on your address.

It’s this easy to get our milk delivered direct to your door:

1 /  We text you at lunchtime the day before your delivery is due

2 /  You reply “Yes” and how many bottles you would like OR “No”

3 /  You pay directly into our bank account online

4 /  Our farm fresh raw milk herd is milked every morning, the milk is bottled, placed into a cooler bag and then delivered fresh to your door in our chiller truck the very same day.

Easy … “Milk how it used to be”

    Yes, I'm happy to be contacted about delivery service